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The Digital Reach


Having the ability to sit at my pc and do almost anything I need to do is a wonderful thing. I call it My Digital Reach. I am like a toddler in the technology world, but like a toddler, I am growing and learning. I find that the internet  is easier and more  convenient,  especially for shopping,  paying bills, and finding information.

My last few years of employment, where I worked for thirty years in the tele  communication industry, were the most perplexing years there, simply because my company went from analog to digital.

I, as were many, was lost.

I was so good at handling paper, bubbling in information on little cards that would be put through a card reader, keeping good paper records and filing.

I knew nothing about a computer, did not own one, so of course, I could not operate one. Thankfully, my company offered good training and I was able to creep through those last years.

During that time, there was an increase in hiring new folk. Most of these people were my children’s age, you know, the ones who got computers when they were two years old, they took to the  tele communication world like a duck takes to water.

I thought they were some very smart chaps and I was proud of them. I realized it was time for me to move aside.

You can teach an old dog new tricks, it just takes a lot of time and at the pace the tele communication world was moving, these young chaps would have mowed me over had I not gotten out of the way.

My main piece of advice to the ones stuck there because of their youth and time on the job was, learn as much as you can about this digital world as fast as you can or you will be lost.

After purchasing a home computer and learning the basics, I begin taking computer classes and learned a few more basics, which helps me figure out a few things on my own without always worrying my granddaughter to help me.

In this day and age, if you do not know how to get on the internet and navigate the World Wide Web, you are limited to many things in this fast paced world. You are lost!

I love clothes, I guess because growing up, we had very few clothes. If I had the money, I could sit in this one spot and shop until I dropped. I am so happy that I can get on my pc and find clothing, footwear, healthcare items for my 300+ pound husband. This is no small matter, we have spent days looking in dept stores for clothes that would fit him and still end up having to order them, so this digital world is ok with me.

We live in a world where we can manage most of our business without leaving the comfort of our homes. think about how much time this saves.

Even if we are going to visit a store, we are able to view items and know exactly what we want, which also saves time.


We do everything on our computers, mobile ph, notebooks and so on and on. I don’t even know all that is out there, you see, I am an old timer.

Technology has changed the world, every faucet of life operates more efficiently in this digital age. In this age we are able to reach far and wide, we can do almost anything on- line. I will name a few that a come later (like me) has come to depend on.

  • We shop (my favorite)
  • We sell
  • We pay bills
  • We find information
  • We find long lost friends
  • We communicate and we investigate

My site mainly centers on fashion and caring for our bodies, I search for the latest trends in hard to find sizes and information for  our overall body health.

Back in my time, small businesses did not have the resources, which larger competitors had. Nowadays even small businesses such as the one I’m trying to start can access much of the same technology as the giant corporations, which gives me an edge on succeeding with an online business of my own.

My Digital Reach allows me search for information I can pass on to my audience. I can search for facts and confirmations that I would otherwise spend hours researching.

There are tutorials on most any subject you wish to explore, demos, illustrations, exploration, travel, virtual tours, real time in other time zones, and the list goes on. Think it, find it on the internet.

I feel very fortunate to have been born in the 50’s. I have seen first hand monumental changes that took place in this world, from our main transportation being  (me personally) mule and wagon to people taking trips to outer space, with in-betweens that are too numerous to list.

My conception of The Digital Reach is having the ability to shake hands with anyone, anything,  anywhere in the world, in a matter of seconds.

There is instant information on any subject we humans may need to know. I am learning things right here, right now while writing this post. I am seeking and finding, what a wonderful thing to be able to look for information and have it at the tip of your fingers.

My Digital Reach is just a phrase I picked up somewhere in my reading that I can not get out of my mind, so I decided to write a post expressing how it applies to my everyday world.

I know everyone does not have access to certain technologies or digital devices that allow us to do the reach, but on a brighter note, access to them are made available through the library, internet houses, school systems, churches and so on.

Remember, there is no limit to what can be found with the advanced technology we have today, so learn as much as you can, The Digital Reach helps to make dreams come true.

If you would like to explore The Digital World, Just click on the picture below.

You will find what you need here, for beginners as well as professionals.  Go Digital!