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Do Not Let Depression Keep You From Moving On.


Many people do not realize that depression can bring your life to a complete standstill. You are no longer able to live life as you once did, it can literally Keep You From Moving On.

I have a sister who suffers with a mental illness, clinical depression. This is one of the saddest illnesses I have ever experienced a person going through, it rates right up there with cancer, Alzheimer, dementia, and all the other illnesses people suffer from. This illness disrupts a person entire life and his family s life.

I watched my sister go from a loving, energetic, giving, compassionate young woman, into an empty shell, appearing not to care about herself, anyone or anything that was once dear to her.

We finally begin to notice something was terribly wrong when she would go into a very deep depression, wanting to be by herself, not wanting to eat food,(unless it was from a sealed package),and being extremely paranoid.


Depression is not a joke!
Imagine living in a world where everything appears to be the opposite of what it is, everything is fuzzy and all mixed up. You are not sure of anything. You have trouble completing simple tasks and you’re not able to make a decision about anything.

I saw my sister slowly draw into herself, into a world that I can not begin to imagine. A once very clean, organized, practical person, my sister lost interest in her personal hygiene, she was afraid to eat anything unless it came out of a sealed container, she thought certain people was trying to put a ‘jink’ (as in a spell or curse), on her, the list goes on and on.

In spite of all the unusual behavior, my sister’s long term memory remained sharp, seems as if her hearing intensified, and her tolerance for pain multiplied. She actually seemed smarter, which in itself, is enough for me to write a book about, which  I might do one day.

I’ve often heard it said that some mental illnesses run in families, at some point I intend to research this, because looking back through my life-time, of my entire family including cousins, what was believed to be bad behavior, born with demons in your body or just plain mean, were clear signs that person was suffering with a mental illness.

In many of the cases, there was never a diagnosis or any treatment, and lives was wasted. Many of these people passed away not even knowing what a normal and productive life consisted of. All of these behaviors are different. Some is what you might call a mild form of illness and some are very extreme forms of the illness.
Fortunately, this is a treatable disease. I’ve heard people using terms such as “chemical imbalance”, whatever causes this illness, it is essential that you get medical help.

Depression or any kind of mental illness was once hidden. People were ashamed of this disease.

I dwelt closely with my sister when we initially realized she was mentally ill. I learned a lot about her disease and some of what made her see the world as she was seeing it through this haze of illness.
She would pace around making weird sounds, yelling out, counting objects, continually repeating one phase over, and over again. This is just examples of some odd behaviors she displayed.

Mental illness is a very complicated disease. My awareness was helped through my sisters treatment at UNC Mental Health Hospital. I learned that many of us are susceptible to this disease. We could suffer some traumatic crisis, continued abusive treatment, or stresses beyond our endurance. Any or all of these things could trigger that part of our brain that process thought patterns and behavior to become helter skether

We must be aware and be helpful.

It can be a very trying thing to convince a mentally ill person to seek help. You must be patience, persistent and compassionate. This disease is no longer swept under the rug and hidden. Treatment is available and research is ongoing.
If you or your loved one are suffering from depression, seek help immediately, as with any disease, early detection and treatment can make the difference between life and death.

This book written by Ginger Zee help us realize that mental illness has no boundaries, it can strike or creep up on any of us at any given time.  We see that we are not alone when it comes to the storms we go through, if we live long enough, some shock, destruction or sadness, is bond to happen to us. Ginger Zee states that”no matter your storm, it never rains forever, it can’t and it won’t.”




I was very fortunate to have a Doctor who recomended  uncmentalhealthspecialists, for my sister to be seen and treated. Although mental illness is a vast area in which we are just reaching the borders of the  causes and treatment , I learned a lot about this disease as they  made diagnosis, and performed treatment on my sister.

My sister is still being treated, unlike Ginger Zee, who is moving on, my sister is still stuck in a world where she has stopped moving toward anything, unless lead, She is being  taken care of by her children. Her story has not ended yet, as I stated, she’s still under treatment. With proper treatment, a support group that encourages her to stay in treatment, reminds her how important it is to take her medication and show her unconditional love, I believe she will one day get to a point where she can continue moving on.

I invite all of you to share your thoughts or experiences with mental illness.  Yes, mental illness runs in my family. It comes in many different forms and works differently with individuals. It does not discriminate, it attacks the rich and the poor. It rears it’s ugly head in every race and every culture.

Lets help each other by talking about this disease that has attacked so many, and been kept  quiet far too long.  Talking about this disease will not only help the population who suffers with it, it will help the people who do research to find treatments and cures.