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Men and Makeup

For an increasing number of men, makeup is becoming the norm. About a year ago, I wrote a post about men wearing makeup, this is nothing new. Men wearing makeup goes as far back as the Pharaohs which is evidenced by paintings on tombs and in temples.

These ancient men wore make up for various reasons, spiritual protection, ward off infections, repel files and I am sure, to enhance their looks as well.

The word “metrosexual” was coined in 1994. A word that represented a certain group of men who cared about fashion and grooming, who was not necessarily gay. This bought about a change, wherein men felt comfort wearing make up because the term ‘metrosexual’ meant whether I’m gay or straight, it’s ok if I wear make up.

I know men who are meticulous about their grooming and appearance, typically spending a

significant amount of time and money on shopping as part of this, straight and gay alike.

They are the same as most women who would not dare be caught out in full dress and a made up face. Working, casual or dressed to the nines wear, they are going to be meticulously put together. You have men also, who like to be made up and dressed up from head to toe.

Whether you are a beauty expert or a young novice, learning the correct way to apply make up that makes you look naturally beautiful, not artificial, is the key to make up enhancing your looks, and not looking like a clown.

In my research and observations. Men who wear make up learn to apply it sometimes better than most women. There are millions of tutorials and most are very good and easy to follow.

Beauty is for everyone, and anyone who desires to use make up to enhance their looks can most certainly use it. Make up does not define your gender, it is used simply because you choose to use it. It’s permissible for everyone, from Drag Queen, to the Gay Guy, To the Straight Guy.

Let’s look at some men who are known for wearing make up.

Alexander the Great was ridiculed throughout ancient literature for wearing make-up. He had wives and He was undefeated in battle and ruled the largest empire of the ancient world.

Keith Richards, is an English musician and songwriter, best known as a guitarist and founder member of the Rolling


James Charler, beauty YouTuber, absolutely gorgeous, check him out on YouTube.

James Arland, Fashion |Music| Beauty | Model | Actor

There are millions of men who wear make up for thousands of different reasons. In stores, entire sections are dedicated to makeup and other beautifying items for men.

Whatever the reason, it is perfectly fine for men to wear make up.

In this day and age, the line that distinguishes between genders is very thin. When you are out and about, you see a person and it’s sometimes hard to tell what gender they are. The attire, the way they carry themselves, their hair, even the way they talk, It’s hard to tell if they are male or female.

Maybe this is a good thing, we pay attention to the person, not the way the person look. Most of us are guilty of looking and judging a person. If we see a man dressed in frilly clothes, we automatically think he is gay, which is not always the case. Men and women sometimes dress to express their inner feelings. Maybe they have the desire to be unconventional or just different, and it has nothing to do with their gender.

I am a 68-year-old woman, I haven’t worn make up in years. I look at myself in the mirror and I realize I need to start doing some things to improve my looks. Not for others, for myself. Wrinkles and dark spots slowly sneaked onto my face and body, so slowly, I hardly noticed them until clerks and cashiers, public workers started referring to me as Mamma, Grandma and young lady.

I know it’s a natural thing to age, but I also know there is help. Make up, exercise, healthy living and eating can make a great difference. Older people can look good too.

I’m all for men wearing make up, whether it’s to cover blemishes, or to enhance and improve one’s look, or to look like a woman, it’s their choice and should not be judged.

What are your thoughts on this?