About me

Hi there! My name is Rowena. In search of extra income, I researched and came upon WA. After reading reviews and getting the gist of affiliate marketing, I decided to give this a try.

I thought, like my husband, son and many men I know, they have a hard time finding clothes that fit because they are larger than the average size. Many of these people for difference reasons find it hard to go into the average dept store to be out fitted, so I decided to create a niche promoting big men clothing and footwear.

Retired in 2009, worked in telecommunication for 30 yrs. At home caring for a brother who suffers from epilepsy and delayed development. Married for 43yrs, two adult children, and two precious grands. I have always been one to stay busy, I got this from both my parents, they had to stay busy with seven children, one disabled.

After retiring I found myself in the position of being the only person who could determine whether my brother went to a nursing facility or remain in the care of a family member, my parents are deceased, I chose to care for him.. I began thinking about a ways to supplement my income (SS) early after retirement because I knew eventually I would need something.

I needed something that would fit my crazy schedule ( doctors appts for myself and my brother, caregivers workshops, trips to emergency ( my brother has suffered with severe epilepsy and delayed development since the age of 5, he is now 72 yrs old), etc.

After trying some of the make money online offers that lead to dead ends, I began to do some serious research, I was immediately drawn to WA, although my progress thus far (I think) has been slow, I have not regretted joining. I am learning, my brain is waking up, the community is awesome, the training is off the chain, I am looking to make some money!