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Is This A Test?

Suddenly, everything changed. No school, concerts, sports, social gatherings, gym, malls, movies, just like that everything is different. Is this indeed a test?

Did you see this coming? Who in their  wildest imagination thought that there would be a pandemic that would affect and change the entire world?


What is this?

When an epidemic spreads beyond a country’s borders, it becomes a pandemic, crossing border after border, thus affecting the entire globe.

This is an insert from

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization announced that the COVID-19 virus was officially a pandemic after barreling through 114 countries in three months and infecting over 118,000 people. And the spread wasn’t anywhere near finished.

COVID-19 is caused by a novel corona virus—a new corona virus strain that has not been previously found in people. Symptoms include respiratory problems, fever and cough, and can lead to pneumonia and death. Like SARS, it’s spread through droplets from sneezes.

The first reported case in China appeared November 17, 2019, in the Hubei Province, but went unrecognized. Eight more cases appeared in December with researchers pointing to an unknown virus.

Many learned about COVID-19-19 when ophthalmologist Dr. Li Wenliang defied government orders and released safety information to other doctors. The following day, China informed WHO and charged Li with a crime. Li died from COVID-19 just over a month later.

Without a vaccine available, the virus spread beyond Chinese borders and by mid-March, it had spread globally to more than 163 countries. On February 11, the infection was officially christened COVID-19.


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Disease: The Story of Disease and Mankind’s Continuing Struggle Against It by Mary Dobson, published by Quercus, 2007.

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Influenza, The American Experience.

Source Book of Medical History, Logan Clendening, published by Dover Publications, 1960.

Please note that there are 195 countries in the world, 163 has been affected in just a few months, WOW!


I was not even familiar with the term pandemic until a couple of months ago, shame, my lack of knowledge!

I now know that the first known pandemic happened as early as 430 BC, Athens. It is suspected to have been typhoid fever.

There have been many more pandemics over the centuries, smallpox, yellow fever, measles, tuberculosis, cholera, polio, flu, Ebola, just to name a few.

This year 2020, a leap year, we are battling the Covid-19 virus, a pandemic. Were we somehow being prepared for this?

This is the first major event in this new decade, which is spreading throughout the world, causing a strong socioeconomic impact on the world.

There has been several things that had an impact on the world, leading up to this time, lets take a look at some very simple everyday things.


  • The internet

The internet, at the beginning of 2000, was used mostly for jobs and schools, now just 19 years later, most of the world’s population has access to the internet. Most homes have internet. In 2000, we could not use the internet and our telephone at the same time, now we can access the World Wide Web using many devices at the same time. We can talk and look at each other in real time, where ever we are in the world.

Second hand smoke

Remember, seems like just a few years ago, we had the smoking and non-smoking spaces everywhere, workplace, hospitals, restaurants and so forth, Today we do not worry about second hand smoke so much, smoking is forbidden in almost all public places.

More into television than movies

Blockbuster was the place! There were times we had to get our name on a wait list for a certain movie, waiting for someone who had rented it to return it. Today, we don’t worry about seeing movies because we can load them on our devices and enjoy. No waiting, no more trying to be the early bird in order to be the first to rent out a certain movie, oh boy! What a change.

Information and ordering books

We hardly have a need for phone books anymore, we are able to find phone numbers using our smart phones to google, find and store our phone numbers right there in our smart phones. We have no need for the latest issues of dept store catalogs, we can use our smart phones to access any major dept store and order right there on line, delivered in just a few days.

The world we live in today is completely different from it was at the dawn of the New Millennium. Seems we were being prepared for what we are facing today.

Covid-19, caught most of us unaware. Sick and dying people everywhere. It took a minute for a lot of us to come out of our shocked daze to fully understand the reality of this, all a sudden, massive pandemic, but, thank God we woke up.

Hospitals, of course, swamped. Health care workers hanging in there being our heroes, saving and preserving lives, while putting there own in danger.

Schools, making a way so our children will not miss out on there education, the cafeteria working making sure they continue to eat and the custodians, taking on extra work making sure everything is sanitized and safe, the drivers and delivers, dropping off and delivering the food to areas where they can easily be picked up.

The city planners, making a way to protect the unfortunate ones living in the street, trying to find ways to house them.

The churches, being backbones to communities, trying to help and assist in any way needed.

The way I see it, without warning, without having time to prepare, we have made and are still making swift adjustments to life as it is today with this sudden change that none of us saw coming.

I think we are doing a hell of a job!

I thank my Savior for every person that leave there home to go out and do any job that’s essential to my living. These are brave, unselfish, dedicated souls, we could not continue functioning without them. They are actually risking there lives to save ours. You are ALL awesome! Thank you.

My Lord, The Whole, Entire World, fighting the same battle at the same time.


Is This a Test?

Is this a glimpse of what the future with be like for us? Will our battles be fought with germs in the future? You better believe this is weighing heavily in some of our most brilliant minds, or proven that, yes, a germ will work.

This past decade, have we been being conditioned to live such as this? Living isolated, yet dependent on each other, having to make decisions who to trust, who not to trust in life and death situations, whether to stockpile selfishly or share, even, should we love our neighbor as our self.

Know this one thing, The World Will Never Be The Same. Those of us who survive this virus, will have to live in this world as it is, not knowing when (not if) this or something worse will happen.

Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”

Is this a test run? Will we who are left be ready?


Men and Makeup

For an increasing number of men, makeup is becoming the norm. About a year ago, I wrote a post about men wearing makeup, this is nothing new. Men wearing makeup goes as far back as the Pharaohs which is evidenced by paintings on tombs and in temples.

These ancient men wore make up for various reasons, spiritual protection, ward off infections, repel files and I am sure, to enhance their looks as well.

The word “metrosexual” was coined in 1994. A word that represented a certain group of men who cared about fashion and grooming, who was not necessarily gay. This bought about a change, wherein men felt comfort wearing make up because the term ‘metrosexual’ meant whether I’m gay or straight, it’s ok if I wear make up.

I know men who are meticulous about their grooming and appearance, typically spending a

significant amount of time and money on shopping as part of this, straight and gay alike.

They are the same as most women who would not dare be caught out in full dress and a made up face. Working, casual or dressed to the nines wear, they are going to be meticulously put together. You have men also, who like to be made up and dressed up from head to toe.

Whether you are a beauty expert or a young novice, learning the correct way to apply make up that makes you look naturally beautiful, not artificial, is the key to make up enhancing your looks, and not looking like a clown.

In my research and observations. Men who wear make up learn to apply it sometimes better than most women. There are millions of tutorials and most are very good and easy to follow.

Beauty is for everyone, and anyone who desires to use make up to enhance their looks can most certainly use it. Make up does not define your gender, it is used simply because you choose to use it. It’s permissible for everyone, from Drag Queen, to the Gay Guy, To the Straight Guy.

Let’s look at some men who are known for wearing make up.

Alexander the Great was ridiculed throughout ancient literature for wearing make-up. He had wives and He was undefeated in battle and ruled the largest empire of the ancient world.

Keith Richards, is an English musician and songwriter, best known as a guitarist and founder member of the Rolling


James Charler, beauty YouTuber, absolutely gorgeous, check him out on YouTube.

James Arland, Fashion |Music| Beauty | Model | Actor

There are millions of men who wear make up for thousands of different reasons. In stores, entire sections are dedicated to makeup and other beautifying items for men.

Whatever the reason, it is perfectly fine for men to wear make up.

In this day and age, the line that distinguishes between genders is very thin. When you are out and about, you see a person and it’s sometimes hard to tell what gender they are. The attire, the way they carry themselves, their hair, even the way they talk, It’s hard to tell if they are male or female.

Maybe this is a good thing, we pay attention to the person, not the way the person look. Most of us are guilty of looking and judging a person. If we see a man dressed in frilly clothes, we automatically think he is gay, which is not always the case. Men and women sometimes dress to express their inner feelings. Maybe they have the desire to be unconventional or just different, and it has nothing to do with their gender.

I am a 68-year-old woman, I haven’t worn make up in years. I look at myself in the mirror and I realize I need to start doing some things to improve my looks. Not for others, for myself. Wrinkles and dark spots slowly sneaked onto my face and body, so slowly, I hardly noticed them until clerks and cashiers, public workers started referring to me as Mamma, Grandma and young lady.

I know it’s a natural thing to age, but I also know there is help. Make up, exercise, healthy living and eating can make a great difference. Older people can look good too.

I’m all for men wearing make up, whether it’s to cover blemishes, or to enhance and improve one’s look, or to look like a woman, it’s their choice and should not be judged.

What are your thoughts on this?















Do Not Let Depression Keep You From Moving On.


Many people do not realize that depression can bring your life to a complete standstill. You are no longer able to live life as you once did, it can literally Keep You From Moving On.

I have a sister who suffers with a mental illness, clinical depression. This is one of the saddest illnesses I have ever experienced a person going through, it rates right up there with cancer, Alzheimer, dementia, and all the other illnesses people suffer from. This illness disrupts a person entire life and his family s life.

I watched my sister go from a loving, energetic, giving, compassionate young woman, into an empty shell, appearing not to care about herself, anyone or anything that was once dear to her.

We finally begin to notice something was terribly wrong when she would go into a very deep depression, wanting to be by herself, not wanting to eat food,(unless it was from a sealed package),and being extremely paranoid.


Depression is not a joke!
Imagine living in a world where everything appears to be the opposite of what it is, everything is fuzzy and all mixed up. You are not sure of anything. You have trouble completing simple tasks and you’re not able to make a decision about anything.

I saw my sister slowly draw into herself, into a world that I can not begin to imagine. A once very clean, organized, practical person, my sister lost interest in her personal hygiene, she was afraid to eat anything unless it came out of a sealed container, she thought certain people was trying to put a ‘jink’ (as in a spell or curse), on her, the list goes on and on.

In spite of all the unusual behavior, my sister’s long term memory remained sharp, seems as if her hearing intensified, and her tolerance for pain multiplied. She actually seemed smarter, which in itself, is enough for me to write a book about, which  I might do one day.

I’ve often heard it said that some mental illnesses run in families, at some point I intend to research this, because looking back through my life-time, of my entire family including cousins, what was believed to be bad behavior, born with demons in your body or just plain mean, were clear signs that person was suffering with a mental illness.

In many of the cases, there was never a diagnosis or any treatment, and lives was wasted. Many of these people passed away not even knowing what a normal and productive life consisted of. All of these behaviors are different. Some is what you might call a mild form of illness and some are very extreme forms of the illness.
Fortunately, this is a treatable disease. I’ve heard people using terms such as “chemical imbalance”, whatever causes this illness, it is essential that you get medical help.

Depression or any kind of mental illness was once hidden. People were ashamed of this disease.

I dwelt closely with my sister when we initially realized she was mentally ill. I learned a lot about her disease and some of what made her see the world as she was seeing it through this haze of illness.
She would pace around making weird sounds, yelling out, counting objects, continually repeating one phase over, and over again. This is just examples of some odd behaviors she displayed.

Mental illness is a very complicated disease. My awareness was helped through my sisters treatment at UNC Mental Health Hospital. I learned that many of us are susceptible to this disease. We could suffer some traumatic crisis, continued abusive treatment, or stresses beyond our endurance. Any or all of these things could trigger that part of our brain that process thought patterns and behavior to become helter skether

We must be aware and be helpful.

It can be a very trying thing to convince a mentally ill person to seek help. You must be patience, persistent and compassionate. This disease is no longer swept under the rug and hidden. Treatment is available and research is ongoing.
If you or your loved one are suffering from depression, seek help immediately, as with any disease, early detection and treatment can make the difference between life and death.

This book written by Ginger Zee help us realize that mental illness has no boundaries, it can strike or creep up on any of us at any given time.  We see that we are not alone when it comes to the storms we go through, if we live long enough, some shock, destruction or sadness, is bond to happen to us. Ginger Zee states that”no matter your storm, it never rains forever, it can’t and it won’t.”




I was very fortunate to have a Doctor who recomended  uncmentalhealthspecialists, for my sister to be seen and treated. Although mental illness is a vast area in which we are just reaching the borders of the  causes and treatment , I learned a lot about this disease as they  made diagnosis, and performed treatment on my sister.

My sister is still being treated, unlike Ginger Zee, who is moving on, my sister is still stuck in a world where she has stopped moving toward anything, unless lead, She is being  taken care of by her children. Her story has not ended yet, as I stated, she’s still under treatment. With proper treatment, a support group that encourages her to stay in treatment, reminds her how important it is to take her medication and show her unconditional love, I believe she will one day get to a point where she can continue moving on.

I invite all of you to share your thoughts or experiences with mental illness.  Yes, mental illness runs in my family. It comes in many different forms and works differently with individuals. It does not discriminate, it attacks the rich and the poor. It rears it’s ugly head in every race and every culture.

Lets help each other by talking about this disease that has attacked so many, and been kept  quiet far too long.  Talking about this disease will not only help the population who suffers with it, it will help the people who do research to find treatments and cures.




A One Stop Shopping Spot

Time has a way of sneaking up on us and catching us unprepared for special occasions. Even though we know when holidays come, such as Birthdays, Mothers day, Fathers day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, the majority of us find ourselves running out to buy a gift with no time to spare.

I created this page hoping it might be a help to find special things for special people. Here you will not have to run all over the place shopping for gifts. With the Holidays approaching, time is tight for many people and I trust this page is much-needed help.




Black Friday




Why Black Friday?

The Struggle Is Real

About 7 years ago, one of my good friends convinced me to go shopping with them on Black Friday, I did not have any intention of buying anything, but I went anyway. I wanted to see what all the frenzy was about. People was there who had been there since 4am, (with blankets) waiting in line for the store to open at 6am, although now they open much earlier.

I can not think of a thing I want to buy bad enough to be caught up in that frenzy. The people went crazy when the store doors open, some was having heated arguments even while trying to squeeze into the store. The ones in front was the die-hards who tried to get there early enough to be the first in line and felt that they had earned the privilege of reaching a particular item first and woe unto you if you tried to out run them. I knew then, Black Friday shopping is not for me.

I understand the logic in Black Friday, retailers realized that a lot of consumers have a long 4-day weekend and with Christmas just around the corner, this would be the perfect time to drop prices in order to entice large groups of people into their store. It worked! If you was one of the strong ones, and got that particular item you was racing for, I congratulate you, I know you got a great discount.

“Black Friday” came along in the 1960s, retailers, knowing with Christmas just around the corner, this would be a good time to kick start the shopping for the holiday frenzy. There are   good deals to be found, they are limited, that’s why there is such a mad dash when the store doors are open.

Here we are, in the last quarter of 2017. Will Black Friday remain popular?

I personally do not think so. Do you enjoy getting up before the chickens, standing out in the cold (sometimes rain), listening to strangers having idle conversation, trying to pass the time, pushing and pulling trying to get inside a store, (sometimes getting stuck), trying to hold on to an article or product that someone is trying to grab away from you? I think not, It is not for me.

With todays technology, gadgets, apps and so on, it is easy to find great deals when you shop on line. This works perfectly for me. I don’t have to worry about getting ready to go out and fight, I can sit at my computer, with a cup of coffee and enjoy my Black Friday in the comfort of my own home.




I know there is a group out there that enjoy the notion of being the first one there, getting that coveted item on sale at its lowest price, or just the joy of being out among all that energy, hats off to you, enjoy. Some who insist on seeing the item before purchase, that’s great. Brick and mortar will be here for a long while, though not in as popular a way as we’re used to.

Online shopping is our future, among a host of other things we do in our day to day life. It will be to your advantage to get on board, click here to learn more , the digital world. Do not be left behind.

Some of us, due to disabilities of some form, are not able to get out and fight a crowd, or just love the leisure of browsing at our own convenience. Even though Black Friday is a day where you can find some of the lowest sale prices, there are sales going on somewhere everyday.





Let me know your thoughts on Black Friday shopping at Walmart vs Black Friday shopping on-line from the comfort of your own home.

The Digital Reach


Having the ability to sit at my pc and do almost anything I need to do is a wonderful thing. I call it My Digital Reach. I am like a toddler in the technology world, but like a toddler, I am growing and learning. I find that the internet  is easier and more  convenient,  especially for shopping,  paying bills, and finding information.

My last few years of employment, where I worked for thirty years in the tele  communication industry, were the most perplexing years there, simply because my company went from analog to digital.

I, as were many, was lost.

I was so good at handling paper, bubbling in information on little cards that would be put through a card reader, keeping good paper records and filing.

I knew nothing about a computer, did not own one, so of course, I could not operate one. Thankfully, my company offered good training and I was able to creep through those last years.

During that time, there was an increase in hiring new folk. Most of these people were my children’s age, you know, the ones who got computers when they were two years old, they took to the  tele communication world like a duck takes to water.

I thought they were some very smart chaps and I was proud of them. I realized it was time for me to move aside.

You can teach an old dog new tricks, it just takes a lot of time and at the pace the tele communication world was moving, these young chaps would have mowed me over had I not gotten out of the way.

My main piece of advice to the ones stuck there because of their youth and time on the job was, learn as much as you can about this digital world as fast as you can or you will be lost.

After purchasing a home computer and learning the basics, I begin taking computer classes and learned a few more basics, which helps me figure out a few things on my own without always worrying my granddaughter to help me.

In this day and age, if you do not know how to get on the internet and navigate the World Wide Web, you are limited to many things in this fast paced world. You are lost!

I love clothes, I guess because growing up, we had very few clothes. If I had the money, I could sit in this one spot and shop until I dropped. I am so happy that I can get on my pc and find clothing, footwear, healthcare items for my 300+ pound husband. This is no small matter, we have spent days looking in dept stores for clothes that would fit him and still end up having to order them, so this digital world is ok with me.

We live in a world where we can manage most of our business without leaving the comfort of our homes. think about how much time this saves.

Even if we are going to visit a store, we are able to view items and know exactly what we want, which also saves time.


We do everything on our computers, mobile ph, notebooks and so on and on. I don’t even know all that is out there, you see, I am an old timer.

Technology has changed the world, every faucet of life operates more efficiently in this digital age. In this age we are able to reach far and wide, we can do almost anything on- line. I will name a few that a come later (like me) has come to depend on.

  • We shop (my favorite)
  • We sell
  • We pay bills
  • We find information
  • We find long lost friends
  • We communicate and we investigate

My site mainly centers on fashion and caring for our bodies, I search for the latest trends in hard to find sizes and information for  our overall body health.

Back in my time, small businesses did not have the resources, which larger competitors had. Nowadays even small businesses such as the one I’m trying to start can access much of the same technology as the giant corporations, which gives me an edge on succeeding with an online business of my own.

My Digital Reach allows me search for information I can pass on to my audience. I can search for facts and confirmations that I would otherwise spend hours researching.

There are tutorials on most any subject you wish to explore, demos, illustrations, exploration, travel, virtual tours, real time in other time zones, and the list goes on. Think it, find it on the internet.

I feel very fortunate to have been born in the 50’s. I have seen first hand monumental changes that took place in this world, from our main transportation being  (me personally) mule and wagon to people taking trips to outer space, with in-betweens that are too numerous to list.

My conception of The Digital Reach is having the ability to shake hands with anyone, anything,  anywhere in the world, in a matter of seconds.

There is instant information on any subject we humans may need to know. I am learning things right here, right now while writing this post. I am seeking and finding, what a wonderful thing to be able to look for information and have it at the tip of your fingers.

My Digital Reach is just a phrase I picked up somewhere in my reading that I can not get out of my mind, so I decided to write a post expressing how it applies to my everyday world.

I know everyone does not have access to certain technologies or digital devices that allow us to do the reach, but on a brighter note, access to them are made available through the library, internet houses, school systems, churches and so on.

Remember, there is no limit to what can be found with the advanced technology we have today, so learn as much as you can, The Digital Reach helps to make dreams come true.

If you would like to explore The Digital World, Just click on the picture below.

You will find what you need here, for beginners as well as professionals.  Go Digital!
























Know Yourself

Acceptance, the trending word. Being proud of who you are, you cannot be someone else, although many try.

Years ago, while visiting my daughter’s elementary school, I noticed a group of girls socializing at recess, one of the girls caught my attention. You could tell right away that she was trying to fit into that group of girls. She laughed the hardest, spoke the loudest, and when the group moved, she moved with them, always in the back, trailing along.

My heart went out to her, she reminded me of myself in elementary school, trying to fit in with a group who wanted  nothing to do with me.

The poor girl was trying to act like the other girls in the group. This happens everywhere, at every age, people trying to fit in and be who they are not. Why? They have not learned the value of self acceptance.

Teach them while they’re young!

This need to be taught at an early age, children can be cruel to each other, although it’s not as bad as when I was growing up, peer pressure is a serious thing. It even follows some of us into adulthood.

Trying to be skinny, trying to be cool, trying to be the funniest, the bravest, the list goes on. Children need to be taught that they are unique human beings, and to love themselves for who they are. Whether they are fat, skinny, too dark, too white, or too tall, we all possess an inner beauty that if cultivated, will radiate to your outward appearance.

Everyone fluctuates in learning their true selves, you learn as you grow, you begin to develop certain patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior. With good role models, these senses  can be fine tuned, which in turn gives one a sense of confidence, you began to love yourself.

Love yourself!


It’s like saying YES to yourself, to your life. This is when you can grow, whatever your circumstances are. This is when you can improve You.

I love listening to great motivation speakers such as Tony Robbins, Wes Moore and so many others. They all stress self acceptance and that inner strength that we all possess that if cultivated, will enable us to do a lot that we desire.

In ancient Greece, those who sought the advice of the famous oracle at Delphi were greeted by a simple inscription above the entrance: “Know yourself.” It was a reminder that as well as seeking the counsel of others we must also look inward at what is going on in our bodies, our feelings, and our minds. By truly understanding ourselves we become our own surest guides. ( this was taken from Pearls of Wisdom by David Ross)

Pressure is being put on us all the time, look this way, act this way, think this way and so on. Just be yourself, your best self, refine your best self and see your worth.

“Helped are those who are content to be themselves; they will never lack for mystery in their lives and the joys of self-discovery will be constant.”
Alice Walker’s The Temple of My Familiar


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Big Men And Women With Big Personalities

I got the idea for this article from  How To Change Your Personality, can it be changed? By Scott Barry Kaufman from The Atlantic. It made me think of people I am aquainted with that I have always been curious about, especially big and small men, big and small women also. In the small circle I grew up in (and loved), I found that this particular group had very distinctive mannerisms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This does not by any means apply to all big people, just some, as I said, who are in my circle, thoes I grew up with and others I met while growing into adulthood.                                                                                                                                                                                                        I observed that the very big and the very small both possessed very LARGE personalities.  If you’ve read any of my posts, you would know that my Father and my Husband are large men, not the largest but…big men. My Mom was a tiny woman, I guess I am in between, 5’3, 146lbs.  Both of these men were Giant Teddy Bears, lovable, enjoyed life and wanted all who was around them to be happy and enjoy life also. As with most of the others I know, they had a sense of wit that drew people to them. I found most of them to be very generous and kind and was not the lest bit conscious or apologetic of their size.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    In observing the small man, they have HUGE personalities. They also possess a sense of wit, are very confident and competitive,  They will tackle almost any task and conquer it. I found that most of them, the men and women are very smart people.                                                                                                                                                                                                                I observed that the women, large or small, are especially smart and are not afraid of anything. One of my longtime friends, who is obese, possess all of the above personality traits I’ve written about, told me that she had been taunted throughout childhood for being overweight, this, she said made her determined to always be one step ahead of her tormentors, in her way of thinking, she made herself better and smarter. When she was called names pertaining to her size, she would come back with, ” I’ld rather be fat and smart than dumb.”                                                                                                                           punctuation-marks-1019729_640                                                                                                                                                          None of us picked who we are, we did not pick our parents, our gender, where we were born, none of these things. Did we choose our personality? Oh boy! I believe we are born with certain traits as well as genes (we know this) given to us from our lineage, as we develop, we pick up whatever is in our universe, as our mind matures and we begin our personal growth, along with many, many fluctuations, our personalities develop, part intentional, part because it’s in your blood.(as the old folk use to say) and part because of the environment you live in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This is a very interesting subject to me, I’ve always wondered what makes people act the way they do. I know that there are so many variables for all people, but my main curiosity has been what makes you good, what makes you bad, what makes you so likeable, what repels you from a good person or draws you to a bad person, why are most big people happier than than most?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I am really interested in what others think, please comment or send me a reply @                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     





Big Men Who Are Disabled

I struggled getting my thoughts together for this post. My brother who is disabled and also a big man confined to a wheelchair, is my inspiration for this post.                                                                                                                             165901_2183163316654_746447898_n                                                                             My brother is the man in the wheel chair, my sister-in-law, and my three hundred pound husband who is in better physical shape than I am. Still, he knows it is wise for him to lose weight. He’s going back on the New Aikins Diet.                                                                                                                       Let me be clear, I know their are big healthy, happy men out there who enjoy life and are very satisfied with their bodies. Men and women who are probably in better health than we are, they just happen to be big, same as some of us, have a great looking body, or what we label as great looking and are in very poor physical health.  There’s also the disabled or ones with limitations who are in the very best physical shape that they are able to be and then there are the ones who suffer very poor physical health.                                                                                                                                                                                                      There are things that as humans we take for granted, things we never give a second thought about. Every day things such as, needing a drink of water, brushing your teeth, washing your face, taking a shower, using the restroom, finding that perfect spot or position to sleep or rest comfortably, this is just a few, the list is long. What if you are unable to do any of these things for yourself and depended entirely on someone else to do them for you?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I live this life everyday. I am blessed with fairly good health which enables me to be able to do these things for my brother. He has depended on someone doing all of these things and more his entire life. He suffers with epilepsy and delayed development. I am aware that people who suffer with epilepsy can and do live normal lives, treatment and medication for this illness have come a long way since 1944.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             There are a lot of reasons my brother is in the condition he is today but that is another story, no fault of anyone, just life circumstances. But he is the way he is and have to be taken care of. Up until now we’ve managed not to have to put him in a fulltime  facility mainly because my parents did not entertain it as an option when they were alive and now. me being his caretaker, know that most places are too understaffed to provide the twentyfour hour care that it would take for him. I am also aware that there may come a time when I will have no choice because his condition could worsen wherein they would provide the better care,  I know, sounds backwards, but if you ever go through this experience then you’ll understand.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I am thankful for the care facilities we have access to in this great country of ours, I’ve worked in some and if I live long enough I will probably spend the last part of my life in one. Some reasons I hesitate to put him in one are, we’ve coddled, catered to him and unknowingly spoiled him his entire life, his ability to understand what goes on around him is slow, but he eventually understands, his ability to verbalize is very limited, if he hurts, he is not able to tell you where, sometimes you have to feed him, he have mood swings and does not have the ability to control his emotions, the list goes on and on.                                                                                                                                       On a happier note, my brother is in a wonderful adult day care facility. This facility is a Godsend for my husband and I. It frees up a part of our day and they are equipped and staffed wherein they are able to take excellent care of him. They have an inhouse Doctor, certified nurses and trained health care workers. I would recommend them to anyone needing special care. For more info about them, just e-mail me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Everyday Free Shipping from on Orders $99+ or more                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          You may wonder why I am writing this post in Big Men Fashion Footwear, well nothing makes my brother happier than being dressed up. He love clothes, he like to think he’s dressed in the best fashion and he is a big man also, over two hundred pounds.  I am going to be using him as one of my models when I learn how to post my pictures and videos to my site.                                                                                                                               trendy-1030996_640                                                                                                                                                                                                             I would love to hear from anyone who would like to comment on my post, add to it or ask questions about it. Holla at me.                       









Review On Double Breasted Men’s Suit-Big Men Looking Good

                   My husband sings in the choir at my church, Durning the summer months they sometimes wear white suits, I thought this would be hard to find in his size, but here it is. this is a well made suit for the big men in your life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              This suit is lightweight made of lightweight material, perfect for summer and also a quality fit. It is easy to clean, keeps that fresh and pressed look.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   As in most suits, the pants are not always the same size as the jacket, so be aware and check for this. Make sure you get your right measurements.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   sewing-1229731_640                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I like the solid, tailored to your body fit this suit displays. If you would like to see this suit for big men in action, check out this video by sgvalleyman,  sgvalley+an+evening+with+colonel+sanders.  This suit is worn in the video and looks fantastic. Check it out and see for yourself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This suit is very flattering to the big man, if you own one and would like to add to my review, please do, or leave a comment.