Gold Bond Foot Powder Spray Review                                                                                     

As we age our body change. Our feet especially. They began to show signs of wear. We begin seeing cracked heels, our toe nails becoming infected with fungus and fungus growing between our toes, corns, bunions, bones curling outward or inward and sometimes pain.

My brother has fungus between his toes, I soak his feet one a week in a solution his Doctor suggested, I dry them really well, (I’ve even used a blowdryer), then I apply Gold Bond Spray.

We need to be extra careful with our feet, small problems become big problems when not taken care of, sometimes by the time you realize this, you are seeking a foot Doctor.

I take care of a disabled brother, I do his feet. In shopping around for some good over the counter foot care products, I came across Gold Bond. I remember always seeing this in my childhood home. My Daddy used this but I never gave it any thought. When you’re young, you usually have perfect little feet so you don’t worry about foot problems.

About the Product
  • Triple Action Relief: Cools, Absorbs Moisture and Controls Foot Odor
  • 360 Degree Valve: Spray in any direction – even upside down
  • 2 Times the Odor absorbing powder of Gold Bond Powder Spray so your Feet Stay Cool and Fresh
  • Contains no CFCs

Cheapest place to buy is at                   

This spray works for my brother, I use this spray about every three days and his feet stays dry, moisture promotes the growth of fungus and fungus causes discomfort.

His feet nor his shoes never has an unpleasant odor. My husband also uses this product, works well for him, especially the spray, as I’ve stated before, my husband is a big man, the spray allows him to make less of a mess when he uses it. It has a very pleasant scent and sprays almost at any angle

We all have different skin types, every thing does not work for every one so if this does not work for you, try another spray or powder, it pays off in the long run.

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