Healthy Big Feet

Big feet and small feet need a lot of care. When our feet are in poor health, they can cause a lot of misery. Those of us who are not physically limited spend about 75% of our day on our feet. Even when we have a sit down job their are tasks which require us to stand on our feet. A uncomfortable feet can be pure torture, especially a big feet because lots of times a person with a big feet is likely to be wearing shoes that does not fit well.                                                                                                                                                                                                    As I stressed in earlier posts, it is important to buy shoes that fit well, whether you work in an office on a padded floor, in an establishment with cement floors or in a field, standing on dirt, it is equally important that we wear a well fitting shoe.


We have delicate nerve endings in our feet which can affect how our legs, thighs, hip, back, neck and entire body feel. If your feet are uncomfortable you are not going to stand correct and this will eventually have an effect on our entire body. Feet care is just as important as eyecare. It affects our balance and coordination and believe me it affects your disposition because if your feet hurt, you are not a happy camper.

As I stated before, first find a good fit for your feet, care for your feet by keeping them clean. If you suffer from a foot disease such as athletic feet, sweaty feet or fungus between your toes, find or have your Dr. recommend a good foot powder or spray, this will bring great relief. If you suffer from an abnormality such as odd shaped feet, spurs or even missing toes, you must see a foot Doctor and follow his recommendations.

Remember if you have trouble balancing,your coordination is off, you find yourself standing in an awkward position or suffer discomfort while standing or walking, check your feet. There are many products that may help, as mentioned before, foot powder or spray, shoe inserts, paddings or special made shoes.

Do not walk through life with hurting feet, it shows Take care of your feet just as you do the rest of your body. A healthy feet is a happy feet.  If you have questions or suggests on ways to healthier feet hit me up @

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