More Great Tips For The Big Men In Your Life

When my husband and I attended a funeral yesterday, I realized he was wearing a pair of dress shoes I purchased for him about three years ago, I had made a comment a few days earlier about his shoes looking bad because they were turning over at the heels, what surprised me most was that he listened to  me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                In  order to enjoy your favorite shoes longer, buy two pair at the same time, alternate wearing them, double the life of both pairs. This helps to retain that new fresh look. It also gives the shoes plenty of time to breath.

If you have sweaty feet, sprinkle a little foot powder inside your shoe before putting them away, the powder will freshen them and soak up any moisture left in them. You can easily wipe the powder out when you are ready to wear them again.

  Always wear clean socks, this also helps to keep shoes nice and fresh. It helps to keep your feet healthy also.  Check your feet often, if every pair of shoes you try gives you a problem, it may not be the shoe, it may be your feet. A lot of men (and women) don’t give their feet as much attention as they should. A healthy foot is a happy foot.

Make certain that shoe fit. If it doesn’t fit it is going to cause you pain. When you try that shoe on, walk around in them for a while, do some bending and flexing. How do your calves, hips and back feel?   A good fitting shoe helps to prevent corns, bunions, fungus and many other things that can cause your shoes to feel uncomfortable, so keep those feet healthy.

Find a brand that feels great on you. There’s comfortable shoes for you.  Hoping to help you.


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