Nothing New, Men and Makeup

There is nothing new under the sun. The history of male cosmetics is a long one, going as far back as the Pharaohs.

In the days of the Pharaohs, men wore kohl rimmed eyes, this is believed to be the beginning of men wearing makeup.

Alexander the Great wore makeup.

In Asia, China and Japan,men and women used gum arabic, gelatin, and eggs to stain their fingernails to signify their status in society.

Makeup for men is certainly nothing new. In today’s world, makeup for men has become socially accepted.  While doing research for this post,I ran across so many pictures of men in makeup. Some have mastered the art of  applying makeup so well, they look as beautiful as any madeup woman.

If you have not mastered the art of applying makeup, don’t worry, their are plenty of tutorials to help you.



Some of you may question why do men wear makeup? The answer is simple, they want to look better or different by enhancing their looks, the same as women.

We have young men today who apply makeup in secret because they are afraid they are going to be judged, laughed at or placed in a category. Then we have the ones who boldly wear makeup and they are comfortable doing so.



Major stores have consultants that can answer questions pertaining to your skin type and colors that will suit you and enhance your looks.

There are many different reasons why men wear makeup, I will list some below

  • To hide blemishes
  • To enhance their looks
  • Desire to be pretty
  • To be different

Hiding blemishes is one of the most common reasons men and women wear makeup. If you suffer with a skin disorder such as ache, spotty skin discoloration, birthmarks, etc., if makeup help you feel better about your appearance, then learn how to apply it and by all means, use it.

Most people are concerned about how they look. Men are discovering that a little bit of this and a little dab of that can hide a bad spot and also make a good spot look better, thus making your appearance the best it can be.

There are men who love the pretty look they can create using makeup. In the videos I watched of men applying makeup, they are experts at it, some had been experimenting since they were kids.

There are people who just want to be different. They create their own style, dressing, communicating their signature look and so on.They have the need to be non traditional. Some want to capture attention, some want to look a certain way for entertaining, rock stars for example, and some just enjoy enjoy wearing makeup.

As long as men have been wearing makeup, (some so expertly applied, we are not even aware that they are wearing it.) there are people who are shocked and immediately label them as being weird.

I know that some of us are shocked when we see a man all made up with the colors, outlining, shadows, false eyelashes and lipstick etc, but we do live in an age where people are boldly expressing themselves.

It’s Your Thing, do what you want to do!

What is your take on this?

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